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We are not just a managing agent, we are a professional practice

Professional Services

With legislation constantly increasing it is important for our clients to know that their legal responsibilities and duties are being managed professionally.

We have in-depth knowledge of existing legislation and dedicate time to keeping up with current and new legislation through various industry related sources.

This enables us to advise our clients on matters that will affect them now, or in the future, ensuring that they are not penalised because of failure to adhere to the strict and increasing legislation associated with block management.

We are also able to advise our clients on lease formation, obligations and management concerns. This includes the structure and format of the lease. We also manage limited companies on behalf of our clients, provide a registered office facility, act as Company Secretary and have the experience to provide administrative functions to meet the varied legal obligations of each company.

We provide insurance mediation and administration, something that cannot be undertaken by a management company that has not been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The benefit of this is a transparent ‘non incentivised’ procurement process that our clients are included in. Other surveying services are also available where these are mutually cost effective to provide.

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We work to the highest professional and ethical standards.