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Resident Management Companies (RMCs) & Right to Manage Companies (RTMs) are our main client base


We work with numerous Resident Management Companies (RMCs) and Right to Manage Companies (RTMs) that have been set-up solely for the management of residential apartment blocks.

Each company differs greatly in terms of legal responsibility, size, director numbers, legal set-up, share capital and as such have very different needs from one another. We can help these companies identify their legal duties and then develop a company strategy to suit the needs of the property and the people who own it.

Our existing clients benefit from knowing that their company obligations are being met. Directors and members can have the confidence of knowing that matters that affect them are being managed professionally and transparently.

Having a continued liability for the efficient and legal day-to-day management of the company, our experience and status provides Directors and members with the confidence of employing a managing agent that is chartered and independently audited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). We also provide a registered office facility for our clients and can act as Company Secretary if required.

Our business acumen ensures that each of our clients not only benefit from their company being managed by professionals and in accordance with current legislation, they also benefit from knowing that the their company affairs are being managed by experienced business professionals.

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